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Last Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Introduction to Bobtail Insurance?

The trucking industry is essential to the betterment of the economy. everyone depends on trucking to transfer products from one place to another. Let us talk more about bobtail insurance and bobtail insurance in Georgia. Over the years, it has grown to be the number one source of freight transport. Without trucking, companies wouldn’t have products to offer, and we wouldn’t be able to purchase basic goods and other survival requirements. Most days, you drive with a trailer connected, conveying items where they should be. Be that as it may, in some cases, you don’t. If you are working under another person’s shipping authority and drive without a trailer, this is alluded to as bobtailing. Let us talk more about truck insurance and bobtail Insurance in Georgia.  Bobtail protection is risk protection that gives security to your bobtail.

Who needs Bobtail Insurance In Georgia?

  • At any time, you drive a truck under someone else’s trucking authority without a trailer.
  • Protects you from litigation or high out-of-pocket costs when an accident happens.
  • If you want to be secure by your motor carrier.

Consult with a local insurance agent and get insurance today.

What does It cover?

  • Bobtail policy covers liabilities when you’re driving your semi without a tractor, regardless of whether or not you’re on dispatch.
  • Additionally, bobtail coverage would apply if you were to drive your large rig without your freight trailer to and from the airport.
  • Bobtail protection would also apply whether you were moving between loads without a trailer attached to it.

Genuine bobtail liability protection through an independent insurance agent offers more extensive inclusion than different sorts of risk protection. It tends to be all the more exorbitant. Some engine transporters lean toward their proprietor/administrators to have bobtail protection inclusion. Since the inclusion is so wide, it frequently restricts the transporter’s own openness. Bobtail trucking insurance is essential for your truck protection.

bobtail insurance
bobtail Insurance

The factors affecting the cost of bobtail insurance in Georgia

If you are planning to get bobtail insurance in Georgia, consider these factors. The expense of insurance relies upon a few variables. During the guaranteeing cycle, insurance agencies audit driving history, limits mentioned, and truck use recurrence without a trailer. According to CoverWallet, it regularly costs somewhere in the range of $20 and $50 every month, contingent upon these components.

Some different variables to remember that could influence bobtail protection cost are claims history, how long you have been doing business, if you have any involvement with the business, on the off chance that you are another business, how bustling you are, and what your yearly receipts are, the number of trucks you possess and work, and on the off chance that you have any representatives, the number of and what their driving records are. These things can make your protection expenses go up or down.

On the other hand, are you a bobtail insurance agent? Then E and O insurance and cyber liability insurance might be suitable for you. In case, clients sue you due to some error in the task, you will be covered against lawsuits with E and O insurance for insurance agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does bobtail insurance work?

Bobtail insurance is a liability-only policy. This means if you meet with an accident while driving without a trailer and cause damage to the third party, bobtail insurance covers your expenses.

Does bobtail insurance cover physical damage?

Bobtail insurance also covers liability expenses. Hence, if you collide with another vehicle while bobtailing, it will cover the damage expenses for the third party. This policy will not cover the damage to your vehicle.

What is the average cost of bobtail insurance?

On average bobtail insurance can cost $400 annually. It is cheaper than general trucking liability insurance.

bobtail insurance

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