Class 8 Truck Insurance

Last Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Class 8 truck insurance refers to the insurance for vehicles with GVWRs of over 33,001 pounds. This class includes vehicles that are more than just heavy-duty. Class 8 relates to dumping trucks and cement trucks, and is sometimes referred to as “severe duty.”

Trucking is essential to the well-being of the financial system. People and businesses depend on you to move products from one place to another. Over the years this has become the main source of freight traffic. This suggests that without them businesses would not have goods to sell and we would not have been able to purchase the products required on a daily basis and meet other requirements.

Most of the time you are driving a trailer attached to the container it should be on. However, in some cases, this is not done. Working under someone else’s maritime authority and driving without a trailer is known as “bobtailing”. Let’s learn now about bobtail insurance and bobtail insurance in Texas. Also, learn more about class 8 truck insurance.

Factors affecting the cost of Class 8 Truck Insurance

If you’re thinking of getting bobtail or truck insurance in Texas, remember these variables. The cost of bobtail insurance in Texas depends on a few factors. During the warranty period, insurance companies audit the driving records, the limits specified, operating radius, vehicle type, and the recurrence of a truck’s use without a trailer. According to Progressive Commercial, many plans vary from $640 for specialty truckers to $982 per month for transport truckers.

Any factors that need to be noted that might affect the price of bobtail insurance are the history of claims and how long you’ve been doing business. Look for an agent directory and find reliable agents to help you learn more about this topic. Likewise, if you have some involvement in the business is also considered. Likewise, the off chance you’re involved in some other business and how bustling you are is also considered. Moreover, your annual expenses, the number of vehicles you own and operate, and the off chance that you’ve got any restores. These factors will make insurance premiums change.

Furthermore, you can also consult with an insurance aggregator and insurance cluster.

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class 8 truck insurance

What does Class 8 Truck Insurance cover? 

  • Agencies sell insurance of bobtail that covers liabilities when you’re driving your semis without a trailer, even if you’re not on the shipment.
  • If you were to drive your large rig from and to the airport without your freight trailer, bobtail coverage would cover that.
  • Bobtail protection would also apply if you are shifting between loads without the trailer attached to it.


Who should get Bobtail Insurance? 

  • If you are someone who drives a truck under someone else’s trucking authority without a trailer.
  • You would like to protect yourself from litigation or high out-of-pocket expenses when an accident occurs.
  • Your motor carrier needs to be secure.

To sum up, a good bobtail insurance coverage provides more extensive protection than different risk protection types. Agencies who focus on how to sell insurance effectively suggest it as well. It’s tending to be all the more exorbitant. Get bobtail insurance quotes from an agent today. Some motor transporters are leaning towards their owner/administrators to include insurance. Since the inclusion is so broad, it often restricts the transparency of the carrier itself.

Moreover, find out the budget rental truck insurance cost.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are Class 8 trucks?

Class 8 trucks are the more heavy-duty trucks with more than 33,000 GVWR.

What are the best commercial truck insurance companies for 2022?

The 4 best commercial truck insurance companies for 2022 are StateFarm, Nationwide, and Progressive.

What does commercial truck insurance cover?

Commercial truck insurance covers liability, physical damage, non-trucking liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist, motor truck cargo, etc.

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