What Is the Cost of Food Truck Insurance?

Food truck insurance is a growing industry and many people get started with it simply because they love food. You can get started with very little money and no upfront costs. But like any other business, there are costs to cover. One cost of food truck insurance that is often overlooked is the cost of professional liability insurance. The average cost of food truck insurance is around $540 a year. But that number is far from consistent among all food truck operators.

There are so many variables that can affect the cost of a general liability policy in bobtail insurance. Your yearly sales are a big factor and also where you are located. The cost of general liabilities depends on what level of risk you pose to others, your operation, and the products or services you provide. Different types of foods are subject to different levels of risk and therefore require different policies.

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Essential Coverage For Food Truck Insurance

One type of insurance that most food truck operators are required to have is commercial liability insurance. This truck insurance covers your equipment, furnishings, fixtures, and personal property. When you purchase a policy, it is based on a specific dollar amount that is paid down over the years until it reaches the required replacement cost. For example, if your vehicle depreciates 50 percent over five years, then you will need to pay more than the actual cash value in the first year. This is called a deductible and it limits the amount that you can be sued for in the event that you become injured or experience other types of damages. If you have a high deductible then it is better to have lower replacement cost coverage, because you won’t be paying so much out each year in the event of a lawsuit. It can help you during an insurance claim.

Another option is property damage coverage while providing leads for insurance. This type of coverage protects against the actual value of your property such as furniture and equipment. However, this isn’t limited to only physical damages such as glass breakage or breaking a lease. It also covers any injuries that are sustained by any of your customers who are on your premises.

The last thing you want to look at is whether to include auto theft coverage in your commercial auto policy. Many people assume that if they own a mobile food concession trailer business that they automatically have an auto liability policy. However, the majority of states have decided to eliminate auto theft coverage from commercial auto policies. This is due to the rising incidents of people stealing food from trucks. Although it may make your food costs go up, you are still better off with good insurance coverage than no coverage at all. You can refer to Investopedia to know if auto insurance covers theft.


There are many ways to obtain the best cost of food truck insurance. Some of the best ways to do this include comparing quotes online, asking questions when you are applying for insurance sales, and reading the policy documents carefully. Each company will vary when it comes to the amount of insurance they offer and the amount of coverage provided. You will want to compare different companies’ quotes for a per year or lifetime quote to see the differences in price. You may find that you save an extra 10% or more by buying your food concession trailer insurance online.

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1. What kind of insurance do you need for a food truck?

Food trucks need to be insured against customer injuries and property damage along with advertising. The median premium for general liability insurance is about $45 a month or 560 annually, which protects food truck owners from any potential lawsuits that might arise because of their business’s operations.

2. Do I Need Food Truck Insurance?

Food trucks are a fun and exciting way to make some extra income on the side, but many owners don’t realize how much responsibility can come with owning one. From liability insurance for accidents or illnesses caused by your business operations, all of sudden having FLIP coverage will help protect you in case something goes wrong!

3. What is Food Truck Insurance?

Food truck insurance is a must-have for any entrepreneur who operates their business on wheels. From slips and falls to illnesses caused by food products, or equipment loss – FLIP’s policy offers coverage that will help you protect yourself from financial ruin in the event of such an unfortunate situation happening at your location!

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