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Are you a trucking business owner who is involved in freight and cargo shipping in the USA? If yes is your answer, you likely have Freightliner trucks in your fleet. Freightliner trucks are the most sold commercial trucks in the USA. Having a dependable truck in the convoy that is budget-friendly is every trucking business owner’s ultimate desire. However, accidents often happen unannounced, so you must get the right Freightliner truck insurance in the USA.

So, find out more about insuring vehicles like Freightliner trucks in this article and never make a misstep again while buying truck insurance in the USA.

Freightliner has a commanding position in terms of market share, which is a staggering 40% when it comes to semi-trucks. Stats also back this fact heavily as Freightliner sells over 190,000 commercial trucks every year. Freightliner trucks have stood the test of time and have won over the hearts of truck drivers when it comes to quality and durability.

However, trucking can be unpredictable at times, mainly because trucks are always on the road. Truck drivers are working around the clock at most times, especially after the pandemic. As a result, accidents, collisions, and liable situations are not uncommon.

On top of that, Freightliner trucks also need regular maintenance and repair, which can quickly mount to a hefty amount. Therefore, you must get all your vehicles covered as a truck owner.

Freightliner Truck Insurance USA

Freightliner Truck Insurance in the USA: Understanding Commercial Trucking Insurance 

Commercial trucking is an essential backbone of the US economy and supply chain system. Commercial trucking plays a massive role in keeping the supply chain running. So, what kind of vehicle is considered a commercial truck? In general, trucks used for commercial purposes like cargo transportation or retail services are considered commercial trucks in the USA. Furthermore, most commercial trucks must register in the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).

As mentioned earlier, the pivotal role commercial trucks play in the US economy also means that they have to ward off risks and accidents constantly. Due to the risky nature of the trucking business, the US government has made it mandatory for commercial trucks to have insurance coverage. That coverage is called commercial trucking insurance.

However, the minimum coverage set by the government mandates may not suffice your trucking insurance needs. Therefore, you recommend getting a policy that meets your requirements rather than just settling for a minimum coverage limit. You can always opt for a policy of a higher amount.

Commercial trucking insurance covers the business owners from the expenses incurred from accidents, mishaps, repair costs, and liability expenses. Coverage policies like bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability insurance cover liability cost even during non-commercial hours.

Freightliner Truck Insurance in the USA: What Kind of Trucking Insurance Do You Need?

When it comes to commercial trucking insurance, there are no set rules as to which policy suits you the best for you. In a nutshell, it’s not as if you can pick up a policy off a shelf. It is because insurance carriers take a lot of factors into consideration. It is because, for the insurers, trucking is a risky business, and they want to avoid missing even the smallest of details.

In general, some of the factors that can affect your trucking insurance costs are:

  1. USDOT authority
  2. Driving history of the truck driver
  3. Type of cargo
  4. Model of the truck
  5. Operating location and radius
  6. Coverage limit, etc.

Hence, if you have Freightliner trucks like Freightliner Cascadia, Freightliner M2, Freightliner Classic, or Freightliner box truck in your fleet, here are some coverage options that you can include in your policy.

1. Primary Auto Liability and General Liability Coverage

Commercial auto insurance is mandatory in the USA. Hence, the federal regulations require you to have at least minimum coverage at all operation times. Liability insurance covers your expenses if you end up injuring a third party in the event of an accident.

Also, general liability reimburses your expenses if you end up damaging the physical property of the third party. This coverage includes Load delivery mistakes as well.

2. Physical Damage Repair in Freightliner Truck Insurance in the USA

Trucks are prone to all kinds of accidents. It is a fact that we cannot deny. The nature of the trucking business itself is a huge factor behind this. Hence, collisions, accidents, and repairs often end up in a jaw-dropping amount. Depending on the model of the truck, the repair and maintenance costs also vary. Therefore, Freightliner trucks can have different collision coverage costs than vehicles from an other company. If the damages are beyond repair, this coverage also replaces your vehicle.

3. Bobtail Insurance Coverage

If you often drive your truck without a trailer, which is called bobtailing, we recommend that you get bobtail insurance coverage. For instance, you can encounter an accident while returning from a delivery operation without a trailer. If you cause damage to the third party, you will be held liable. Since the accident occurred outside of commercial operations, a standard truck policy may not cover your costs. Hence, you can add liability-only policies like bobtail insurance or non-trucking liability coverage to stay prepared for such scenarios. Then you can remain protected even during non-commercial hours.

4. Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

The trucking business revolves around transporting cargo in one way or another. The nature of the payload can differ, but the primary purpose of commercial trucks is to transport load nevertheless. The primary responsibility of commercial trucks is the timely and safe delivery of the cargo. However, during unfortunate events like accidents, the shipment can be damaged or lost. Motor truck cargo insurance protects you during such situations and helps to reimburse your losses.

Depending on the freight you are transporting, your truck cargo insurance premiums can vary.

5. Rental Reimbursement

Rental reimbursement coverage provides money if you rent a truck while your damaged vehicle is under repair. However, this policy only covers you for up to 30 days. It can vary depending on the conditions set by the insurance carrier.

freightliner truck insurance in the USA

6. Medical Payments Coverage

During accidents, bodily injuries are prevalent. Hence, medical payment covers the hospital costs for the truck driver and the passengers inside the vehicle during the accident. Trucking accidents can have devastating consequences for the driver and the passengers inside the truck. Depending on the severity of the injury, the medical bills can skyrocket quickly, so medical coverage is significant. Therefore, you can choose a higher coverage amount for medical coverage.

7. Trailer Interchange Coverage

Trucking business operators can get trailer interchange insurance to ensure non-owned trailers. If you have signed a trailer interchange agreement, your truck will often carry trailers of other parties to complete a shipment. However, if some physical damage happens to the trailer, trailer interchange coverage will cover the costs.

Hence, truckers should get trailer interchange coverage if they have signed a trailer interchange agreement.

8. Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If your truck gets hit by another party and doesn’t have liability insurance, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will help cover your losses.

Hence, these are some basic coverage options included in commercial truck insurance. If you have a Freightliner truck, you can add any of these coverage options to your policy. Also, you can choose a coverage amount that meets your requirements.

Make sure to consult with trusted insurance brokerage companies like ours or an insurance agent to get the proper counseling on choosing trucking insurance.

Choosing the Right Freightliner Truck Insurance in the USA: The Bottom-line

Trucking insurance is essential. As an insurance brokerage, we cannot stress enough that. The rising number of trucking accidents every year is a massive testament to the significance of insurance for trucks. Trucks and truck drivers are always vulnerable on the road.

Even if you use reliable trucks like Freightliner, you cannot predict when something will go wrong. Therefore, no matter what kind of commercial truck you drive, like semi-truck, bobtail, 18-wheeler, pickup truck, dump truck, or even food truck, always get the right truck insurance first.

As a reputed insurance brokerage in the USA, we have been providing truck operators with the best counseling and trucking policies for a long time now. Hence, if you have any queries related to trucking insurance, you can contact us.

Our trucking insurance experts will help you find the best policy that meets all your insurance needs. On top of that, we use technology to compare quotes from 80+ insurance carriers across the USA. Hence, you can get the best deals at unbelievable prices. Also, reach out to us if you want terrific discounts on your trucking insurance policy.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the best commercial truck insurance companies in the USA?

According to Investopedia, the top commercial truck insurance companies for 2022 are Progressive, Sentry, The Hartford, CoverWallet, and State Farm.

What types of trucks are covered by commercial truck insurance?

Commercial truck insurance covers all kinds of commercial trucking vehicles like box trucks, tow trucks, semi-trucks, dump trucks, food trucks, refrigerated trucks, 18 wheelers, and more.

What does general liability insurance do?

General liability insurance protects owners against business risks like third-party property damage third-party bodily injury and also covers the costs of lawsuits.

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