How to Check Truck Insurance in the USA?

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022

It is not easy to run a transportation firm in Atlanta. We encourage our customers to concentrate on operating their businesses. And, we manage all aspects of bobtail insurance in Atlanta. Accordingly, they can focus on more essential matters. To be a reputable transportation insurance broker, we must be aware of all potential risks and assist our clients. It ensures that they are appropriately insured. We will also discuss how to check truck insurance.

People often neglect non-trucking-liability and bobtail coverage in Atlanta. However, they are critical for trucking firms to know about, understand, and put in place.

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how to check truck insurance

What Exactly is Bobtail Truck Insurance?

It’s common to mix up Non-Trucking-Liability (NTL) with bobtail insurance in Atlanta, which isn’t the case. Suppose, an owner-operator or company driver leaves the load in one city/town. Then the driver in Atlanta drives without a load to another city/town while still under dispatch. This is where bobtail insurance in Atlanta kicks in. So, you can consult with an accredited advisor in insurance. We will further discuss how to check truck insurance.

It’s worth noting that, even if the driver in Atlanta is deadheading home after their last drop, the trucking firm technically “owes” the driver that rides home. The law will very certainly declare the driver is still under dispatch. If there was a liability occurrence, insurance would respond instead of NTL in these instances.

Furthermore, you also need property and casualty insurance.

What is Non-Trucking-Liability (NTL)?

According to Sunforest, when a truck owner or operator in Atlanta utilizes the truck for other purposes, Non-Trucking-Liability (NTL) insurance covers it. It’s basic liability insurance for the truck owner or operator when they’re not on the job. On weekends or off days, the driver may take his truck to the supermarket, the movies, or to see friends. During certain periods, NTL gives liability coverage for third-party property damage or personal injury. So, consult with agents with a membership plan in an insurance agency.

It is indeed critical for the insurance producer that the truck owner or operator works to establish that coverage is in right place. Both parties have a leasing contract in place. So, there is a possible open vulnerability that the truck insurance policy may not cover the truck’s primary liability coverage if you return a claim to the insurance company.

We help build up Non-Trucking-Liability plans that they may give coverage to the truck owner or operators once they’ve been hired. Many insurance agents with AAI designation even stipulate in their contract agreements that drivers must be in the NTL program before they can begin operating for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is non-trucking liability insurance?

Non-trucking liability insurance is liability-only insurance coverage that covers liability expenses incurred during non-business hours.

Does non-trucking liability insurance cover damage to your vehicle?

No, non-trucking liability insurance does not cover damages to your own vehicle. It covers the damage caused to the third party.

Which are the best commercial truck insurance companies for 2022?

The best commercial truck insurance companies for 2022 are Progressive, Sentry, The Hartford, CoverWallet, and StateFarm.

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