What is the Log Truck Insurance Cost?

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2022


On average, log truck insurance costs between $8,000 and $15,000 per year. This suggests you have main liability coverage of $750,000 and use newer equipment. The rate may even be more if you are beginning a new log truck business.

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Bobtail Insurance- Introduction

The trucking industry is essential to the general development of the economy. Both commercial sectors and individuals depend on you to transfer products from one place to another. Let us talk more about bobtail insurance and Bobtail Insurance in Florida, as well as its importance. Without trucking, companies wouldn’t have products to offer, and we wouldn’t be able to purchase basic goods and other survival requirements. Usually, you drive with a trailer connected, conveying items where they should be. Be that as it may, in some cases, you don’t. When you are working under another person’s shipping authority and drive without a trailer, this is alluded to as bobtailing. Bobtail insurance in Florida is risk protection that gives security when you are driving a truck without a trailer. Furthermore, we will also discuss log truck insurance cost.

Who needs Log Truck Insurance In Georgia? 

  • At any time, you drive a truck under someone else’s trucking authority without a trailer.
  • You want to cover yourself from litigation or high out-of-pocket costs when an accident happens.
  • If you want to be secure by your motor carrier.

You can find an agent online and get bobtail insurance in Georgia.

What does Log Truck Insurance Cost cover?

  • A truck insurance policy covers liabilities when you’re driving your semi without a tractor, regardless of whether or not you’re on dispatch.
  • Additionally, bobtail coverage would apply if you were to drive your large rig without your freight trailer to and from the airport.
  • Bobtail protection would also apply whether you were moving between loads without a trailer attached to it.

According to International Risk Management Institute, genuine bobtail liability protection offers more extensive inclusion than different sorts of risk protection. It tends to be all the more exorbitant. Some engine transporters lean toward their proprietor/administrators to have bobtail protection inclusion. Since the inclusion is so wide, it frequently restricts the transporter’s own openness.

bobtail insurance
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The strategy for Bobtail is limited to liabilities. In the event of a truck colliding with other cars, it gives you safety, and the ownership carriage is in the hands of someone else. Hence, If you return after the delivery of the cargo when you are going to pick the first load and get into an accident, and while heading to your home after the deliveries and are driving the truck, you get into an accident, the bobtail insurance coverage through an insurance agent will provide coverage for you.

The key thing to remember is to get at least three quotes and compare the plan’s rates. Similarly, compare features to get the best bobtail insurance policy through an insurance brokerage. You won’t want to align yourself with an insurance company where you save a few bucks. Typically, before you decide to buy a deal, you can get a no-obligation consultancy with the insurance companies to capitalize on that and get all the knowledge from few insurance providers.

Therefore, insurance has many coverage plans and policies for different needs. You can choose those coverage plans from an insurance broker that best fit your requirements.

Additionally, if you are interested to buy cyber insurance as well, you can contact insurance agents.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does log truck insurance cost on average?

On average, log truck insurance can cost between $8000 to $15000 per year.

Why is log truck insurance more expensive?

Log truck insurance is more expensive because logs are different from other freights and carry more unique risks.

What does log truck insurance cover?

Log truck insurance covers log truck liability insurance, physical damage coverage, non-trucking liability coverage, motor truck cargo insurance, etc.

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