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Are you thinking about entering the trucking business? Or are you a trucking business owner who is planning to purchase a new truck for your operations? Chances are you might have to take your truck for a repair at some point in time. If you can relate to these scenarios as a trucking business owner, then you might be interested in getting temporary insurance or short-term insurance for your bobtail truck. You can even get one-day truck insurance to meet your requirements for a short time.

If you are curious about learning about short-term bobtail insurance policies for bobtail trucks, then make sure you stay till the end of this article. This article will clear all your doubts and queries regarding the importance of having a short-term insurance policy and guide you on getting the right coverage.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the main agenda of this blog post.

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What is a Short-Term Truck Insurance Policy?

A short-term bobtail truck insurance policy is a liability-only coverage designed for new truck buyers or truck owners who need temporary insurance for repairs. Getting a permanent policy for your truck can take some time especially if your vehicle is new. Hence, until you get proper trucking insurance, you can get a short-term policy to ensure that your vehicle is covered during that period.

Short-term truck policies are available for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and even 30 days depending on the coverage set by the insurance carriers.

What is One Day Truck Insurance?

As the name suggests, one day truck insurance covers your bobtail truck for 24 hours. Most carriers sell this policy as short-term truck insurance coverage. You can choose the duration of the policy from the coverage options provided by the carriers.

You can get this insurance if you have to transport your truck or send it for a repair or modification and it will be done within a single day. It will cover your losses in case you end up in a liable situation that involves your truck.

One Day Truck insurance by Owner is the most sought-after type of truck insurance in the country by many consumers. Although the policy only covers you for 24 hours, you may also obtain short-term coverage for a few days, weeks, or even months. If you require coverage for a longer period of time, purchasing an annual policy and canceling it when you are no longer using the vehicle may be a more cost-effective alternative. You can purchase this insurance from a licensed motor carrier. Carrier will allow an owner of a bobtail or any other type of truck to insure their vehicle on a one day basis when they have not driven it in a while.

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In addition, many companies offer round trip and return shipping as well as insurance at no additional cost. To find the right provider for 24 hrs truck insurance, consumers should first compile a list of all of the various insurance providers that they are interested in dealing with. And then they can visit each one to learn more about their temporary truck insurance and their respective rates and offerings. Or, they can simply consult with an insurance broker.

Who Needs One Day Truck Insurance?

Trucks are prone to all kinds of risks and they are exposed to possible accidents at all times. The nature of the trucking business makes it a risky business to insure for carriers as well. Hence, if you have just purchased a new truck for your business, then finding a proper trucking insurance can take some time.

This is because carriers take into consideration a lot of factors before covering a commercial truck. Therefore, until you get a proper insurance, your truck remains uncovered and exposed.

You can fill that gap by getting a short-term insurance and replace that policy with a permanent truck insurance later on. In fact, having a temporary policy will also make it easier to get the right permanent coverage.

Here are some possible scenarios where you might find a temporary insurance very helpful:

Transporting a New Truck:

If you have recently purchased a new truck and you have to move your truck from the point of purchase to your business location, then you need to get one-day insurance. A new truck faces all kinds of risks even while transporting it from Point A to Point B.

New trucks are not covered by any policies and having 24-hour truck insurance shields your vehicle in case it meets with an accident while transporting it to your location.

Sending a Truck for Repairs:

A short term insurance is very important while sending a truck for a repair. Further damages can happen while the truck is on the road for repair works. Hence, you can minimize your losses by getting a temporary insurance.

During Truck Modification:

Similar to the above scenario, you should get a temporary insurance, if you are sending your truck for a modification

Can You Engage in Commercial Activities on a One Day Truck Policy?

No, short-term truck insurance does not allow you to use your truck for any commercial activities like transporting cargo, moving load, or other trucking-related supply-chain operations. Since one day policy or any short-term insurance is only a temporary policy, engagement in any commercial line of works is strictly forbidden. Temporary policies are designed to meet your immediate needs. It is not a substitute for a permanent policy. Hence, you cannot treat your temporary policy like your permanent truck insurance policy.

Short-term coverage like one day truck insurance will not cover you if you engage in any commercial activity and you meet with an accident.

Average Pricing of Short-term policies can  range around these amounts

One day truck insurance (24 hours): $140

48 Hour Coverage: $240

72 Hour Coverage: $340

96 Hour policy: $440

5 Day Coverage: $545

Note the minimum liability requirements required by the states may apply.

What Coverages are Included in One Day Truck Insurance Policy?

Temporary policies like one day truck insurance cover all the basic coverages needed for a trucking business. They are:

  • Accidental Collisions
  • Personal Injuries
  • Property Damages and Liability Coverage
  • Medical Costs etc.

Note that your truck cannot engage in any commercial activity on temporary policies. This means that your carrier will not reimburse you if you meet with an accident while engaging in any commercial activity. This is because you are violating the terms of the single-day truck insurance policy.

Can You Register Your New Truck With Temporary Coverage?

Absolutely not. A short-term truck insurance is not a replacement for a proper permanent policy. Hence, it is illegal to register a truck with a temporary policy.

What Information is Necessary to Get 24-hour Truck Insurance?

Depending on the carrier, you may need to present numerous details to get temporary coverage. But the commonly required information is:

  • Vehicle VIN number
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Model of the truck etc.

Single Day Truck Policy In Loganville

Do you have a semi-truck and function as an independent contractor? Then, you will almost certainly want bobtail insurance in Loganville beyond that provided by your motor carrier. After you dispatch, your motor carrier’s commercial insurance usually insures you. When you’re not working, however, insurance does not cover you. Many independent contractors use technology in insurance to obtain non-trucking liability or bobtail insurance in Loganville, GA, to fill in the gaps in their coverage.

When you are not transporting a trailer, bobtail insurance protects you and your semi-truck. For example, bobtail insurance in Loganville will protect you if you deliver a load in Snellville and then bobtail to Decatur to get your following cargo for a separate company. Whenever you head home in the tractor after putting off a payload and the trailer, you’ll need bobtail truck insurance.

If you’re transporting a trailer, reefer, or other loads, insurance won’t protect you. This policy will not cover you even if your trailer is fully empty at the time of the accident. Whether your injury occurs on personal or professional travel should have no bearing on your insurance coverage. It’s legal to use your tractor for personal chores. However, you should not transport a trailer or other equipment.

Moreover, learn more about how to check truck insurance.

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Liability Insurance for Non-Trucking Vehicles

According to Coverwallet, non-trucking liability policy covers you in the event of an accident when driving your semi-truck for personal reasons. It covers everything from grocery shopping to going to the theatre to carrying dirt for your new garden.

Non-trucking liability insurance will pay your personal errands. However, numerous state and federal court judgments have clarified the concept of personal travels. Non-trucking liability insurance may well not cover activities before heading home after dropping your payload. The courts have ruled that the motor carrier owes you a trip home in your tractor in that circumstance. Therefore, the coverage provided by your motor carrier may cover the accident. Trips that require you to take your semi-truck to a garage for maintenance may also be excluded. 

It’s critical to have a duplicate of your motor carrier’s insurance policy on hand when purchasing additional coverage to determine what it covers. Make a list of all conceivable scenarios that could occur when operating your semi-truck next. This task will help you understand how you operate your tractor and any coverage gaps that your corporate plan may have. Agents add listing in the insurance directories. So, you can check the directories to find experienced agents who can help you along the process.

The only predictable thing about life is that it is unpredictable. Disasters often come unannounced and bring devastating consequences along with them. Therefore, if you want to stay protected and prepared for any situation in life, it is imperative that you invest in reliable coverage. You can approach companies like Renegade Insurance to help you choose the best single-day truck insurance policy. You can also get Freightliner Truck Insurance in the USA.

People who become insurance broker are more aware of insurance needs as well. So, they usually suggest other insurance like commercial insurance and personal insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Register my New Truck With One Day Truck Insurance?

No, you cannot register your new truck with temporary coverage like one-day truck insurance. You need a proper truck insurance to register your vehicle.

2. Does One Day Truck Insurance Cover Damage to Your Vehicle?

No, One day truck insurance is liability-only coverage. It does not insure your own vehicle. It covers you against liability costs.

3. Can You Involve in Commercial Activities to Qualify for One-Day Truck Insurance?

Commercial Operations are not allowed if you want to qualify for one-day truck insurance.

Is the One Day Truck Insurance Worth it?

As mentioned earlier, short term policies serve a different purpose and they are not an alternative to permanent policies. Such policies are designed for the days when you have to move a truck outside of commercial activities. Whenever you buy a new truck or send it for repair, you are still putting your truck at risk. So, until you get a proper policy, temporary policies like one day truck insurance is important and totally worth it.

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