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Last Updated: Jan 13, 2022

When driving a large truck in Snellville, you will be responsible for various tasks to protect your personal and financial interests. Unlike a conventional vehicle such as a car or a van, a truck is a unique mode of transportation that requires you. It helps to handle extra insurance and coverage obligations on your own. One of the critical insurance for the truck would be bobtail insurance in Snellville. Also, learn more about truck insurance for new authority

What do You Need to Know About Truck Insurance for New Authority?

When it comes to bobtail insurance in Snellville vs. physical injury coverage requirements, you must consider the need and reasons as a trucker. By driving your truck on the road without first learning about bobtail insurance and physical injury coverage options, you are putting yourself at risk. Hence, find experienced agents from the insurance directory who can help you. Well-experienced agents in their insurance careers can understand your needs in-depth.

Commercial vehicle insurance plans include bobtail insurance in Snellville. If you’re a new truck driver wondering when you need bobtail insurance and why, the response is simple. When your truck doesn’t have a trailer attached to it, you’ll be eligible for the truck bobtail coverage plan.

bobtail insurance
truck insurance for new authority

If you meet one of the conditions mentioned below, the bobtail insurance in Snellville is for you.

1- You are a truck driver in Snellville who is driving a truck that does not belong to you and does not have a trailer attached to it.

2- You want to shield yourself from legal action or costly court settlements if your truck is involved in an accident or collides with another car.

3- The motor carrier plans include carrying insurance.

Physical Injury Coverage

According to The Hartford, physical injury coverage comprises of your collision and comprehensive insurance policies.

Physical harm policy is a comprehensive auto coverage package comparable to most commercial vehicle insurance policies. It will protect your truck from any accidents or injuries resulting from your insurance. When you choose the physical harm package, you sit down with the policymaker and go through all of the compensation choices that will protect your financial and safety interests as a truck driver.

The amount of coverages you choose determines the cost of your physical injury insurance. You can choose between purchasing several insurance policies at once or selecting a method that fits the specific insurance needs. 

What Will Truck Insurance for New Authority Do for You?

The Bobtail scheme in Snellville only covers liabilities. It protects you if a truck collides with other vehicles when the carriage is in the hands of someone else. In this case, it goes without saying that the truck must not have been towing a trailer at the time of the crash.

If you return after the load has been delivered, you will be protected. Likewise, you are on your way to pick up the first load when you have an accident. You are driving the truck and get into an accident on the way home after the deliveries. Then, truck insurance protects you.

Furthermore, look for brokers who have a valid insurance license. They will have access to insurtech so, you will be able to find what’s best for you. They know how to become an insurance broker who can be suitable for every customer’s need.

Lastly, also explore more on one day truck insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is trucking authority?

Trucking authority is the government’s permission to get paid to move freight and cargo.

How much does a trucking authority cost?

You need to pay $300 to the FMSCA to get your trucking authority. To reinstate authority, you need to pay $80.

Can you sell your trucking authority?

No, you cannot transfer USDOT numbers.

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