Guidelines For Obtaining Trucking Authority Insurance in 2022

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Getting a Trucking Authority Insurance quote is really simple if you know what to do. Many people think that it is a very daunting task to get a good quote for their trucking authority insurance, but it can actually be very easy. Some will not even write a policy for new owner-operators without some years of experience doing it. You’ll probably be working with this person more than you’d think, especially once starting out so make certain to follow this advice on selecting the right agent for your trucking authority insurance.

One thing to remember is that there are many different types of bobtail insurance, but this depends mostly on what kind of vehicle you drive and how often you use it. There are also special types of trucking authority insurance like hazardous materials, medical and professional liability insurance, and even global cargo insurance which covers the shipping of hazardous materials.

bobtail insurance
trucking authority insurance

When shopping around for truck insurance quotes, the first thing to do is decide what kind of coverage you need. Make a list of what you believe is necessary so you won’t be surprised by any agents when you speak to them about your needs. Also, make a list of things that you may want to have in addition to the basic coverage that is required by the authority itself. For example, you may want to have roadside assistance for when there happens to be an emergency with your vehicle. You’ll also need liability coverage, medical expenses, and protection against personal injury that may occur from a traffic accident, as well as legal fees if you get sued because of an accident.

Now that you have decided what is required by the trucking authority, it is time to decide what type of policy you need to be covered by. You can consult with a person who has become insurance agent. If you are a new driver and you just started driving, you’ll probably not have to worry about anything else other than the trucking permits that are required by the trucking authority. However, if you are an experienced driver, you’ll want to consider adding these additional policies. The rates for these policies will vary, depending on the company and the policy, but they should be at least comparable to what you would expect for a trucking permit with a new driver rating.

What You Can Do After Receiving Trucking Authority Insurance Quotes?

Once you’ve gotten insurance quotes for trucking authority applications, now it’s time to file within the first 60 days. If you file and wait until the day before your auction, you may miss your chance to buy insurance while it is still available. However, if you file within the first sixty days, you have the opportunity to get insurance at a very low cost. Some companies may charge as little as ten percent of the auction price. You’ll want to compare quotes from at least three different companies so you can get the best possible rate for yourself. In fact, you can even get insurance from the trucking authority while you still have your license. Moreover, consult with a person who has become insurance producer.

It’s important that you get multiple truck insurance quotes from an independent insurance brokerage firm when you’re looking for a trucking authority license. There are several different trucking authority policies available, so you want to make sure you are choosing the right policy. This will help you keep your premiums low and avoid having to pay excessive insurance fees. You can get insurance quotes online, by phone, or in person. The best option is to take advantage of the online quotes because you’ll be able to see quotes from several different companies side by side. This allows you to make the best decision possible.

Another important part of obtaining your commercial truck insurance is meeting all of the requirements of your insurance company. Some of these requirements include meeting the vehicle inspection requirements, meeting the recordkeeping requirements, and meeting the financial requirements. Likewise, you can refer to Strong Tie Insurance to learn about the requirements of truck insurance.

If you encounter problems with obtaining insurance because of claims history, there are several things you should remember. The first thing is to meet all of the requirements of your commercial truck insurance companies. The next thing is to develop a solid claims history with your company or have your insurance agent negotiate a settlement with your insurance carrier. Finally, be careful when working with an insurance broker or agent, and remember to always meet the guidelines to obtain your new commercial truck insurance policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of getting trucking authority?

You have to pay $300 initially to the FMCSA and $80 to reinstate authority later on.

Is it better to have your own trucking authority?

If you have your own trucking authority, you can keep the cash remaining after paying the expenses. However, having own authority can lead to higher expenses.

Can I sell my DOT authority?

No, you cannot transfer your USDOT number.

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